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SC_Credit_JimFullerWir verraten Euch was: Somebody’s Child haben wir gehört und uns sofort verliebt. Dieser besondere UKIndieVibe mit PopAppeal hat uns sofort. Ein Interview mit Somebody’s Child.

Nach „Broken Record“ , „Sell Out„, „We Could Start A War“ , „I Need Ya“ und „Hold Me Like You Wanna“ veröffentlicht heute endlich Cian Godfrey aka Somebody’s Child sein selbstbetiteltes Debüt-Album über Frenchkiss Records.  

Somebody’s Child hat sich schnell als eine Stimme an der Spitze der neuen Musikszene in Irland etabliert. Frühe Support-Slots in Dublin mit Größen wie Kodaline, Primal Scream und Kaiser Chiefs sowie landesweite Radioplatzierungen und ein Auftritt in der landesweit beliebten Late Late Show haben Cian Godfrey darin bestärkt, die Veröffentlichung von Somebody’s Child bis zum relativ späten Alter von 23 Jahren hinauszuzögern – er hatte sein Handwerk verfeinert und im Vorfeld eine klare Botschaft formuliert.

Mit seinem s/t Debüt liefert Somebody’s Child eine unglaublich starke Platte ab, die wie gemacht ist für Fans von Sam Fender (zuweilen klingt Cian wie Fenders little brother) oder Blossoms. In weniger als einer Stunde gibt es feinsten IndiePopRock, den man durchgehend hören könnte und wo man auch automatisch immer wieder auf Repeat drückt, weil man noch lang nicht genug von dieser Kombination der Stimme und diesem catchy Sound hat. Dieses Album ist nicht nur der gute Bekannte, den man immer mal wieder trifft, sondern your new best buddy. Man kann sich zurücklehnen, fallen lassen, träumen, viben und bei jedem Hören einen neuen Lieblingssong entdecken.

Unter uns: Somebody’s Child ist nicht nur ein „artist to watch“ , sondern mit Sicherheit sogar „the next big thing“ . Wer von Anfang dabei sein möchte, sollte sich jetzt im Shop schnell das Debüt-Album besorgen, die Limited Red Edition ist schon sold out – wie auch die exklusive Berlin-Show am 11.03. im Privatclub!


Which was the first song you wrote for the album and which one’s is your favorite?
The first song that I wrote for this album was Jungle. It’s been around since about 2019. Although I didn’t know it was going to be on the record when we first started writing it, it was too important to our sound to leave it out. My favourite is maybe ‚What I Said‘ , because it’s a bit more intimate and I haven’t had the chance to release something like that before.

 There’s also a tour coming up in UK, Ireland and some other European cities. Are there cities you’ve never been to – what are you most excited about?
Yes, Antwerp, Austin and Boston I’ve never been to. I’d be lying if I said part of the reason why I got into music wasn’t to be able to travel. After quite some time that’s finally a reality. I’m looking forward to trying new food.

You posted an important note to Instagram about „having no real control in a world dominated by streams we’re competing with the world’s biggest artists and major labels, so physical and digital sales are still important.
True and sad story because the internet and algorithm can be a huge help or a big killer for small(er) artists.
Do you think it would have been easier for you having your debut released like 15 years ago when internet/streaming/social media wasn’t such a big thing?
I think spotify and other DSPs have given us a platform to reach new audiences, so I think it’s positive in the sense that we could keep releasing music relatively cheaply throughout COVID, for example. Obviously, they need to like you for it to work in your favour. We’re grateful they are behind us and give us that love. It’s opened up a lot of doors. I can’t comment on 15 years ago because I don’t really know what it was like, probably a much different world.

So, you’re from Dublin. We love Ireland. Would you mind sharing some ’secret hot spots‘ for travelers?
Gravediggers pub for a nice pint of Guinness, the Wicklow mountains (just outside Dublin) or a stroll along the Liffey.

I’d be lying if I said part of the reason why I got into music wasn’t to be able to travel.
After quite some time that’s finally a reality.

And talking about music. What are the 5 upcoming artists from UK & Ireland? Share some love:
 Biig Piig is great, Pillow Queens, Flyte (although their quite established now). I’d love to give more but I’m not as tuned into new music as I once was unfortunately.

So, you left Dublin for London. Was it a childhood dream or a spontaneous decision?
It wasn’t a childhood dream no. I wanted to move away during my 20s and COVID got in the way a bit so it was time to make the move. Having already lived in Paris and New York it probably made the most sense. It’s also super cheap and easy to get back for rehearsals.

You’re in your early 20s – does it feel like the right time to share your stories and music?
Don’t know about early 20s anymore! I think I’ve been waiting a while for this album, so long that it almost feels like a second album. It’s hard to know what to feel about the music anymore. I’ve been living with some of it for so long. I just hope people connect with it like I did when I first wrote the songs. They are as important to me now, just in a different way.

But you’ve been known before in Dublin and there were also support slots for Kodaline and Kaiser Chiefs… Can you tell us about your early days as Somebody’s Child?

They were very fun. We just released whatever we had and didn’t think too much into it. Less responsibility but more time to worry about what the future looked like. It’s hard when you get started. A lot of things to learn on the fly

Dreaming about the future of Somebody’s Child: What’s the biggest thing you wanna achieve, like which venue or festival would you like to play at?
 I hope to tour the world really. To connect with people from different backgrounds and be able to grow from that. It’s an amazing feeling after not playing live for so long to see so many people buying tickets to our shows. I just want to get out there and thank them by putting on a show and allowing this new music to breathe.

I think I’ve been waiting a while for this album, so long that it almost feels like a second album.

Gewinnt 2x 1 CD:
Somebody’s Child – „Somebody’s Child

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Viel Glück!

Fotocredits: Jim Fuller

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